Facebook and Twitter Promotion

 We do not viral video any of our explanatory videos that you are seeing on our website. For Viral Video Examples go to www.echilontel.com/services

Facebook Optimization

Drive Real People to Your Facebook Like Page

How we do it: We drive massive amounts of relevant traffic to your page and a percentage of that relevant traffic may click like.

See how we helped Brush Buddies attain thousands of new people interested in their product over a 7 day period of time.

Example of our work:




When you combine the like conversions with a Facebook Ad Campaign  you can drive more focused interest.

500 Facebook Like Conversions $45 (2-3 Days)

Begin This Campaign

1,000 Facebook Like Conversions – $85 (4-7 days)

Begin This Campaign

5,000 Facebook Like Conversions – $250 (15-22 days)

Begin This Campaign

10,000 Facebook Like Conversions $475 (25-35 days)

Begin This Campaign

Twitter Optimization

Boost Your Connection to People through Twitter with Echilon Communications. We drive so much attention to your twitter that real people begin to follow you!

You do not need to give us your password only your twitter name and we will drive real people to your twitter page.


AFTER (And Still Growing!)

+ Option to Add Tweet Promotion:  From our partner twitter account which has over 21,000 Followers at the moment.

In one message your followers can view anything you post about from product updates, to website changes, and more.

*These packages DO NOT require username and password access*


1,000 Follower Conversions : $50

Begin This Campaign

5,000 Follower Conversions: $175

Begin This Campaign

10,000 Follower Conversions: $415

Begin This Campaign

25,000 Follower Conversions:  $600

Begin This Campaign

Email Us: EchilonTel@Gmail.com

Leave Us a Message: 516-644-3692

A representative will get in touch with you.


30 Responses to Facebook and Twitter Promotion

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  2. Can you email jw9144@gmail in your info

  3. Gerhard Neeb says:

    Hey there,
    CanI get a price please on 1000 facebook likes 🙂

  4. Chris says:

    need info bout facebook-likes prices pls,hit me up via email 😉

  5. Ples Johnson says:

    thanx 4 all of the LOVE Echilon Tel !!! a. j. boyy—-

  6. looking to drive more traffic to my artist sites
    can you help

  7. Please email me the pricing rates for facebook advertising, as well as traffic driving to the website at tomaszkselib@gmail.com

  8. whats up i received a email from u guys yesterday, can u send me info about prices for 500, 100, 2000, 5000, 10000 thanks

  9. nia . says:

    i need more followers please !
    @_SweetVenom thank you 🙂

  10. Heeyy. I reallyyyy need some more followers . I’m tryin to get Justin bieber to follow me, but he hasn’t yet . I always follow people but they never follow me back . Please help me get followers (:

  11. Lizzie says:

    I need more Follower Now @BillieMayJean

  12. Chea_ella says:

    Hi, i need more followers again !
    Please help me..
    My twitter @chea_ella…
    Thank you..e help me..
    My twitter @chea_ella…
    Thank you..

  13. Aimee says:

    Emm please get me as many followers on twitter as possible xx it would mean a lot to me lolxx

  14. I really need more followers, even not too much.
    My twitter name is @LustForJustin
    Can u help me ?

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