Lil Dynamic Releases New Single “Weatherman”

Echilon Communications (NY)  Rapper Lil Dynamic has been making hit records, doing collaborations and planning by himself. As an independent rapper Lil Dynamic  returns to the scene with his new single “Weatherman”

Weatherman comes with a detailed music video where dynamic directs his life and lets you in on what he’s doing as a rapper. Make sure to keep up with Lil Dynamic on YouTube and Facebook.






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Ashtel Studios Brush Buddies Brand is a Hit Among Beliebers

Echilon Communications (NY) Its been quite some time since we promoted that Justin Bieber video that received over 3 Million Viewers within 3 days.

Since that successful promotion we have worked with Ashtel Dental/Ashtel Studios brand, Brush Buddies in a successful digital campaign, where we brought together a powerful synergy of digital strategy, branding and celebrity midas touch. Brush Buddies is a line of talking, and singing toothbrushes for kids. Kids love using Brush Buddies toothbrushes because it makes brushing fun and interactive for them, rather than  something they “must do” before going to bed. Kids are less likely to forget to brush when entertainment is tied to the activity.

Singing sensation Justin Bieber had already signed on to promote his own line of singing toothbrushes, which has met amazing success

as Brush Buddies attended MTV’s 2011 Video Music Awards to further advance their brand and landed their product in major stores like Walgreens and CVS

Kids really seem to like this product and it is highly suggested. Would you buy one for your child?

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Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Echilon Communications (NY)  Entrepreneurs and those with a vision have it very hard from the minute they decide or dare to be different. As soon as a person aims to change the world they are met with fierce rejection, doubt, competition, and setbacks. Steve Jobs is the epitome of a person who actualized his potential and stood fearlessly in the face of all doubts. As a fierce ball of creative energy, and realized potential.

Steve Jobs has inspired so many people to reach for the stars, and unlock their hidden skills and potential. Not everyone invents innovative technology, that the entire world uses and not everyone creates computers that change the way we experience life on this planet but a lot of us do something. In that something that we do, there are always critics, and people who trivialize your aspirations as if they are just empty dreams with no place in the real world.  Steve Jobs is the answer to that. He has left behind a wonderful legacy of inspiration, lessons, and useful technology that billions of people now use today. The world mourns the loss of a great innovator, creator, entrepreneur, and inventor in Steve Jobs and he will not be forgotten.

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Ravele Productions – Successful Transitions

Ravele Productions (

Echilon Communications (NY)   Last month we did a special covering the events of music producer Ravele Productions [ ] This month in our follow up story it seems that Ravele Productions has expanded and experienced incredible growth within his field. On his YouTube his video “Cutie Pie” is now at 4,000+ Viewers and is projected to hit close to 20,000 based on analytics and market response rate alone.

At first glance we knew that Ravele Productions would turn out to be a hit, as natural creative talent just can’t be denied its forum for expression. Another look at Ravele Production’s Facebook Page indicates incredible growth as of late growing to 4,000+ in likeability and response:

All these signs point to Ravele Production to be a major player in the music industry as a producer garnering signifcant interest among his peers, and fans. It’s not difficult to see what hard work, ethics, and talent will do for someone, and these are characteristics that come naturally for Ravele Productions. Make sure to keep up with Ravele Productions.


Facebook: Ravele on Facebook

YouTube: Ravele on YouTube


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Accounting Scandals Hurt Businesses

See largerMajor Accounting Scandals : Accounting Online Degree More
Resources and Information at Online Accounting Degree

Echilon Communications (NY)   Interesting graphic of Accounting Scandals. White collar crime cripples the economy and businesses from the inside out. We like this graphic as well because it expresses another important issue today. Economy and Ethics.

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College Dropout Rate Graphic

Echilon Communications (NY)   From time to time we’ll be posting graphics that we think represent important, comical, or relevant issues within our society. Starting with one on the college dropout rate, we like this one specifically because it addresses the importance of education.

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