UPDATE: Response from Profitable Developments $PRDL

profitable developments 1

Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation or solicitation to buy stock, I am long Profitable Developments (PRDL) and I own 4,500,000 shares. Please consult your Financial Advisor before making any investment decisions.

AndrewUTP (New York) Ok so for those of you who have been following my Tweets, posts on Facebook, Instagram and this blog you know that one of my favorite positions this year is in Profitable Developments. I bought 500,000 more shares (prior to receiving their response) to make my total 4,500,000. I am not going to bore you with another one of my long winded piece by piece analysis but I will provide you with an update from the company. See below:

profitable developments response


This response is confirmation to me that I’m dealing with a real company. Their response was very careful yet showed consideration for me the shareholder. I’m no stranger to NASD or FINRA industry regulations. I understand Profitable Developments has to be careful about the information they reveal to individual shareholders. It’s not uncommon for a well meaning update to be twisted as “insider information” by regulators, so I’m doing my part in making this information even more public than it already is.

Most companies take long to reply to shareholders some do not even reply. I believe that when this company sets sail the ship will be once again far out to sea like it was before. This is a property development company that was once trading at $2000 a share. It’s amazing to me how quick people are to forget.

Profitable Developments Chart

Today from what I see they are the same property development company, except they have 0 on their balance sheet and are about to once again make good on their several letters of intent to again acquire multi-million dollars worth of land and real estate.

Here’s a question worth answering: When you take a company that has 0 on it’s balance sheet and add several millions of dollars worth of land assets, you tell me what do you think should happen to the value of the company?

– AndrewUTP

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