Anthony Scaramucci’s Goodbye Gordon Gekko a Must Read

Echilon Communications (NY)   I once worked in management for a company called Enterprise Holdings. At that company I learned some of the most valuable lessons ever in communication and human interaction, but I had no idea I would meet one of the most successful, kind, down to earth entrepreneurs of our time. We booked Anthony Scaramucci

a large SUV. In walks Mr. Scaramucci black sweatshirt, sweats. Nice friendly guy but he wanted us to speed up the service as he had spent so much time waiting. I did my best to make sure we gave him great service as I would any client. In the short time that Anthony was there he made my day a lot brighter. He had cracked numerous jokes with me and over tipped me even though I was unable to up sell him. I thought it was a mistake. When I looked out he, his friend and who I think was his son were gone. I get home turn on my TV and I said to myself “Let’s see whats going on, on CNBC I want some motivation” To my surprise Anthony Scaramucci shows up and is being interviewed on CNBC!

Now I had to just find out who this guy was. I began doing some research and found out that Anthony Scaramucci was a very successful entrepreneur. The kind of person I was working to be similar to. Knowing I could learn a lot from Mr. Scaramucci, I tracked him down and immediately began talking to him. I looked at all his interviews,

and stories on him. I even commented on one of them that grossly misrepresented him.

I’ve never been a fan of media destroying the character of great honorable men. There is no honor in the people that sit behind media spins and cowardly smear the character of hard working charitable role models. Let’s put things in perspective first and foremost. Anthony Scaramucci is the founding partner of SkyBridge Capital , a global alternative investment firm based in New York, New York, with approximately $8 billion in assets under management or advisement as of April 30, 2011.

Anthony kindly sent me his book free of charge, and me being the curious, information craving guy I am, I dove into his book face first. Goodbye Gordon Gekko did major things for me and my temperament. It comforted me, it allowed me to realize that even the titans of industry had their setbacks and their daily challenges. Perhaps the most major thing that Goodbye Gordon Gekko has done for me is express that you can still be a good guy and be ok with your accomplishments. You can drop the Davos envy and get ahead, and that not everything is a zero-sum game where one has to bury their opposition to get there.

In one of the chapters Mr. Scaramucci talks about his experience at his hilarious Uncle Sal’s “Ghost” He learned lessons about life – interacting with people. He took a trip to Harlem on an assignment for his uncle which was scary at the time because Harlem was recovering from violence and drugs. This fact and the lessons he learns from that, in his book hit me hard because I have just come off a brief stint General Managing an entertainment career of the son of one of the major drug kingpins of that time in Frank Lucas and his son Frank Lucas Jr. I may not have been in Harlem when it was bad but I was close to the source of all of Harlems problems at that time – Frank Lucas. Combining that with my experience at Enterprise Holdings I could totally relate to Mr. Scaramucci’s experience at Ghost.

I’ve luckily had the opportunity to choose to follow and absorb the lessons of many mentors, but the reason I never chose to follow them is because many of them were miserable.  I’m a very strong willed person and for me to willingly follow anyones example I must really value that persons approach to life. I have no idea what goes on in Anthony’s private life but I see similarities based on what he wrote in Goodbye Gordon Gekko, and Anthony Scaramucci is the closest example of what I like to emulate. It may not be in the same exact career path, but just the temperament. happy, down to earth, good friends, family, good food. The real fruits of life. I realized from reading this book that wanting it all is possible, you can have it all, and still be yourself. I was lucky to receive this early christmas gift from Mr. Scaramucci and I feel indebted because how can you pay back this kind of wisdom? Pick up your copy of Goodbye Gordon Gekko – it will help you breathe in, breathe out and reposition yourself in the pursuit of your goals.

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