5 Quick and Easy Ways To Improve Your Online Business

Echilon Communications (NY)  Lets face the most transparent truth of all truths: Internet users are lazy. Websites today need to be built to cater to an audience that has a short attention span and an unwillingness to read anything! We’ll be surprised if you would be able to make it this far into this write-up, without us adding an interesting picture to keep you entertained.

Insert Interesting Picture:

All jokes aside your website today needs to be able to capture information and attention ethically. No malware, spyware, viruses or any of those over gun-to-head “give me all your information I’m going to take it anyway” techniques.

Here are 5 Fast and Easy Ways to Improve Your Online Business

1) Simplicity

This can’t be stressed enough. Keep it simple on the internet. The sight of  long-winded paragraphs and explanations with little to no pictures is like a tranquilizer in the head, to readers of your website.

Steve Jobs made an interesting point about working with the customer in mind before even thinking of the design of the product and it was seen in his complex yet simple to use gadgets.

Sit down with a focus group on customer experience instead of a focus group of engineers, developers, or designers. If you don’t have a focus group be your own focus group.

2) Ethical Information Capture – Don’t rob information from your customers through malware, spyware, or viruses. They will be very unhappy upon finding out. Even giants like Facebook and Google have to battle privacy concerns.

Your website should have a method within eye level, where people can volunteer information of sorts, like space where they can enter an email address or a comment.

3) Do Not Rely 100% on Google

Google makes and has made updates that have wiped out people completely. Do not rely on Google to drive all of your traffic. The day that you become a casualty to Google could be right around the corner. Check out this support forum of people destroyed by Google

Besides that – did you really get into business so that a search engine could dictate what is acceptable in your company and what isn’t? Today even if you pay top dollar for great spots on their Adwords they rank you according to “Quality Score”

which is really just a system that devalues the money you spend on your ads and allows them to put people they like in front of you. Why should their opinion of which site has more quality dictate your return on advertising dollars? That is simply not fair. Why spend money with them if you’re not sure what will come out of it?

They state that this levels the playing field but it doesn’t, it makes things more complicated and confusing. Quality is an opinion not a fact. Google knows they have power on the internet and they do not mind showing that. They went from being a search engine to becoming backseat CEO to everyone’s business.

4) Make Use of Direct Traffic Where Applicable

Campaign analysis is always important because Direct Traffic that works for one business may not work for another. Direct Website Traffic is still often undervalued. People rush to search engines and spend $1000 for 1000 clicks, it just doesn’t make any sense when for much less you can get much more in visitors using Direct Traffic. See our Website Traffic details here: www.echilontel.com/up-website-traffic

5) Grow Your Social Media Presence

Some businesses need to interact more with a social media audience. For these types – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube can be very helpful. Building a presence that many of your customers will respond to is very important, and Social Media helps accomplish just that.

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