UPDATE: Response from Profitable Developments $PRDL

profitable developments 1

Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation or solicitation to buy stock, I am long Profitable Developments (PRDL) and I own 4,500,000 shares. Please consult your Financial Advisor before making any investment decisions.

AndrewUTP (New York) Ok so for those of you who have been following my Tweets, posts on Facebook, Instagram and this blog you know that one of my favorite positions this year is in Profitable Developments. I bought 500,000 more shares (prior to receiving their response) to make my total 4,500,000. I am not going to bore you with another one of my long winded piece by piece analysis but I will provide you with an update from the company. See below:

profitable developments response


This response is confirmation to me that I’m dealing with a real company. Their response was very careful yet showed consideration for me the shareholder. I’m no stranger to NASD or FINRA industry regulations. I understand Profitable Developments has to be careful about the information they reveal to individual shareholders. It’s not uncommon for a well meaning update to be twisted as “insider information” by regulators, so I’m doing my part in making this information even more public than it already is.

Most companies take long to reply to shareholders some do not even reply. I believe that when this company sets sail the ship will be once again far out to sea like it was before. This is a property development company that was once trading at $2000 a share. It’s amazing to me how quick people are to forget.

Profitable Developments Chart

Today from what I see they are the same property development company, except they have 0 on their balance sheet and are about to once again make good on their several letters of intent to again acquire multi-million dollars worth of land and real estate.

Here’s a question worth answering: When you take a company that has 0 on it’s balance sheet and add several millions of dollars worth of land assets, you tell me what do you think should happen to the value of the company?

– AndrewUTP

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Why Profitable Developments is My Favorite Investment This Year (PRDL)


Echilon Communications (NY) 

*Disclaimer* I am long shares of Profitable Developments (PRDL). I own 13.5 Million shares of this company. This is NOT a recommendation to buy stock, this is not an invitation, or a solicitation at all. Please do your own due diligence or consult your financial advisor for market information and suggestions. 

I don’t even know where to begin with this company and how I stumbled onto it, but it is clear to me that some of my greatest ideas come from other traders. My friend who is a new trader (inspired by me) pointed out to me that Profitable Developments was trading over 100 Million shares in volume, and was under a dollar. At first I was very skeptical of this company, and for every OTC or Pink Sheet stock, skepticism is practically a must. Below is an ad the company had put out earlier:


Early on I laughed at this company, and many people probably still are. After laughing I began to settle down and do my due diligence. I go through a very strict process of vetting a security before deciding to buy it, especially if it’s for a long term hold. Stocks have to pass my checklist before I buy them.

In my research I found that PRDL has listed NO current revenues. I can’t see any financials. You have to dig to find executives of the company. They have about 7.8 Billion outstanding shares. Most people would run for the hills upon seeing this. Image

Soon my early laughter turned into a silence of sorts, filled with curiosity, and what I believe is a deep epiphany about this company.

11 years ago this company was trading around $12.00 a share and hit a high in the hundreds in a very short amount of time, from what I see on the historic chart. Profitable Developments used to be named Stratton Holdings (STHG). To my knowledge they were the same property development company then, that they are now. The only difference is that PRDL was just a bit more liquid 11 years ago. PRDL also had a stock split December 24, 2012 and after that the price just fell into the abyss.

The question has been “why hasn’t this company gone bankrupt?” I felt that if this company was so terrible and these guys had no hope whatsoever they would have gone bankrupt and closed up shop right? All they did was change the name of the company and keep on going. The CEO of the company hasn’t always been a CEO but he has been with them along this ride for 10 years. Say what you want about this company but it survived it’s massive drops from greatness, it survived all sorts of market pull backs and it survived the 2008 financial crisis. We’ve seen mega banks like Lehman Brothers just close up shop. There is a level of grit, and perseverance I am seeing in the CEO of PRDL and that is just one of the reasons I’ve decided to invest in their company. I will get straight to the point.

Here are the reasons I’ve decided to buy (PRDL)

1) No Institutional ownership yet – this shows high potential for future growth. Institutional owners drive prices by buying large positions.

2) Large amount of outstanding shares – I believe in the future, once the company becomes profitable again, they will reduce the amount of outstanding shares and it will make the price skyrocket.

3) They are just beginning operations again. The CEO and the president previously signed several letters of intent for distressed properties, and development properties. A recent press release they put out stated that in early February they will sign their first contract in what will be a crucial milestone to acquire real estate and make good on their former letter of intent. Link: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/profitable-developments-inc-president-sign-133000002.html

4) Plenty of stocks have no revenue. Marijuana companies exploded on news of legalization recently and some of them have NO revenues. If someone asked me what a better investment would be between distressed real estate, and marijuana I would say distressed real estate each and every time.

5) People always warn of Pump and Dump in penny stocks, which obviously can be a cause for concern. I’m personally not concerned about that because I believe I’m in very close to the bottom. Not that I am depending on any Pump or Dump. I genuinely believe Profitable Developments is a company that will offer value to shareholders, but if manipulation happens I believe I am in way too early to be on the wrong side of manipulators.

6) These are not inexperienced people or newbies. PRDL has a history in real estate, this is not the CEO’s first rodeo.

7) More analysts have buy highlighted, and hold highlighted than they have sell highlighted.

8) Low Price. When I think of all the great companies out there, very few of them have ever reached $2000 a share. Not even Google has yet. This company is not in a sector as fast changing as technology, it’s in real estate. The business they specialize in doesn’t just disappear, or become obsolete overnight. The real estate market is still there, all they are preparing for is a bounce back in the real estate market. They stayed quiet, they waited, and now they are preparing executions to make good on a potential rebounding real estate market. Very simple.

I am personally not going to wait until PRDL reaches a dollar to sell my shares. If I see even .01 or .02 I will probably sell my shares but my overall point is that I believe this stock is in bullish territory. Volume has exploded recently and there seems to be renewed interest in the company.

When a company that has nothing, acquires more and more assets, the value of the company should rise, and thus so should the price of stock in the company with time. I also like the fact that everyone is terrified of a stock like this, because when those people get in, it will be way too late.

I haven’t been this confident about a company since I saw Bank of America (BAC) trading at 7 dollars.

I look at some of the big traders, and hedge fund managers and they always have a few defining moments in their careers that really define them and made them out to be the big shots they are. George Soros broke the bank of England. Paulson made billions shorting sub prime mortgages. Some of these things if we really look back and study why they executed such trades, we would realize why they took such huge bets.

This is one of mine. (PRDL) is considerably riskier and well outside my usual mode of momentum trading, but if this company does what I think it’s preparing to do, it will be one of the best trades I’ve made all year.

– AndrewUTP

Echilon Communications

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Anthony Scaramucci’s Goodbye Gordon Gekko a Must Read

Echilon Communications (NY)   I once worked in management for a company called Enterprise Holdings. At that company I learned some of the most valuable lessons ever in communication and human interaction, but I had no idea I would meet one of the most successful, kind, down to earth entrepreneurs of our time. We booked Anthony Scaramucci

a large SUV. In walks Mr. Scaramucci black sweatshirt, sweats. Nice friendly guy but he wanted us to speed up the service as he had spent so much time waiting. I did my best to make sure we gave him great service as I would any client. In the short time that Anthony was there he made my day a lot brighter. He had cracked numerous jokes with me and over tipped me even though I was unable to up sell him. I thought it was a mistake. When I looked out he, his friend and who I think was his son were gone. I get home turn on my TV and I said to myself “Let’s see whats going on, on CNBC I want some motivation” To my surprise Anthony Scaramucci shows up and is being interviewed on CNBC!

Now I had to just find out who this guy was. I began doing some research and found out that Anthony Scaramucci was a very successful entrepreneur. The kind of person I was working to be similar to. Knowing I could learn a lot from Mr. Scaramucci, I tracked him down and immediately began talking to him. I looked at all his interviews,

and stories on him. I even commented on one of them that grossly misrepresented him.

I’ve never been a fan of media destroying the character of great honorable men. There is no honor in the people that sit behind media spins and cowardly smear the character of hard working charitable role models. Let’s put things in perspective first and foremost. Anthony Scaramucci is the founding partner of SkyBridge Capital , a global alternative investment firm based in New York, New York, with approximately $8 billion in assets under management or advisement as of April 30, 2011.

Anthony kindly sent me his book free of charge, and me being the curious, information craving guy I am, I dove into his book face first. Goodbye Gordon Gekko did major things for me and my temperament. It comforted me, it allowed me to realize that even the titans of industry had their setbacks and their daily challenges. Perhaps the most major thing that Goodbye Gordon Gekko has done for me is express that you can still be a good guy and be ok with your accomplishments. You can drop the Davos envy and get ahead, and that not everything is a zero-sum game where one has to bury their opposition to get there.

In one of the chapters Mr. Scaramucci talks about his experience at his hilarious Uncle Sal’s “Ghost” He learned lessons about life – interacting with people. He took a trip to Harlem on an assignment for his uncle which was scary at the time because Harlem was recovering from violence and drugs. This fact and the lessons he learns from that, in his book hit me hard because I have just come off a brief stint General Managing an entertainment career of the son of one of the major drug kingpins of that time in Frank Lucas and his son Frank Lucas Jr. I may not have been in Harlem when it was bad but I was close to the source of all of Harlems problems at that time – Frank Lucas. Combining that with my experience at Enterprise Holdings I could totally relate to Mr. Scaramucci’s experience at Ghost.

I’ve luckily had the opportunity to choose to follow and absorb the lessons of many mentors, but the reason I never chose to follow them is because many of them were miserable.  I’m a very strong willed person and for me to willingly follow anyones example I must really value that persons approach to life. I have no idea what goes on in Anthony’s private life but I see similarities based on what he wrote in Goodbye Gordon Gekko, and Anthony Scaramucci is the closest example of what I like to emulate. It may not be in the same exact career path, but just the temperament. happy, down to earth, good friends, family, good food. The real fruits of life. I realized from reading this book that wanting it all is possible, you can have it all, and still be yourself. I was lucky to receive this early christmas gift from Mr. Scaramucci and I feel indebted because how can you pay back this kind of wisdom? Pick up your copy of Goodbye Gordon Gekko – it will help you breathe in, breathe out and reposition yourself in the pursuit of your goals.

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5 Quick and Easy Ways To Improve Your Online Business

Echilon Communications (NY)  Lets face the most transparent truth of all truths: Internet users are lazy. Websites today need to be built to cater to an audience that has a short attention span and an unwillingness to read anything! We’ll be surprised if you would be able to make it this far into this write-up, without us adding an interesting picture to keep you entertained.

Insert Interesting Picture:

All jokes aside your website today needs to be able to capture information and attention ethically. No malware, spyware, viruses or any of those over gun-to-head “give me all your information I’m going to take it anyway” techniques.

Here are 5 Fast and Easy Ways to Improve Your Online Business

1) Simplicity

This can’t be stressed enough. Keep it simple on the internet. The sight of  long-winded paragraphs and explanations with little to no pictures is like a tranquilizer in the head, to readers of your website.

Steve Jobs made an interesting point about working with the customer in mind before even thinking of the design of the product and it was seen in his complex yet simple to use gadgets.

Sit down with a focus group on customer experience instead of a focus group of engineers, developers, or designers. If you don’t have a focus group be your own focus group.

2) Ethical Information Capture – Don’t rob information from your customers through malware, spyware, or viruses. They will be very unhappy upon finding out. Even giants like Facebook and Google have to battle privacy concerns.

Your website should have a method within eye level, where people can volunteer information of sorts, like space where they can enter an email address or a comment.

3) Do Not Rely 100% on Google

Google makes and has made updates that have wiped out people completely. Do not rely on Google to drive all of your traffic. The day that you become a casualty to Google could be right around the corner. Check out this support forum of people destroyed by Google

Besides that – did you really get into business so that a search engine could dictate what is acceptable in your company and what isn’t? Today even if you pay top dollar for great spots on their Adwords they rank you according to “Quality Score”

which is really just a system that devalues the money you spend on your ads and allows them to put people they like in front of you. Why should their opinion of which site has more quality dictate your return on advertising dollars? That is simply not fair. Why spend money with them if you’re not sure what will come out of it?

They state that this levels the playing field but it doesn’t, it makes things more complicated and confusing. Quality is an opinion not a fact. Google knows they have power on the internet and they do not mind showing that. They went from being a search engine to becoming backseat CEO to everyone’s business.

4) Make Use of Direct Traffic Where Applicable

Campaign analysis is always important because Direct Traffic that works for one business may not work for another. Direct Website Traffic is still often undervalued. People rush to search engines and spend $1000 for 1000 clicks, it just doesn’t make any sense when for much less you can get much more in visitors using Direct Traffic. See our Website Traffic details here: www.echilontel.com/up-website-traffic

5) Grow Your Social Media Presence

Some businesses need to interact more with a social media audience. For these types – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube can be very helpful. Building a presence that many of your customers will respond to is very important, and Social Media helps accomplish just that.

Want to learn more? Like us on Facebook or Subscribe to our email updates if you haven’t already.

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Do You Have It?

Echilon Communications (NY)  The term “entrepreneur” is a word that some attach a certain honor to. Today successful entrepreneurs are seen as special human beings with different character than the general population. This distinction of a risk-taker mindset, tenacity, and intellect is something that many people gravitate towards. We ask the question “Do You Have It?” because it is a very important question.

It’s noticeable that most people right off the bat without much thought, agree that they have the mindset. They’ll say things like I make six figures working at company XYZ which makes me a boss” (Boss being slang for entrepreneur) or I have plans on starting my own company but I’m working a job, hopefully this venture just takes off on the side” By definition a person who works for someone else is an employee, not an entrepreneur. Especially if said person(s) are not truly attempting something entrepreneurial on the side of that job. What we mean by this is that:

1) An entrepreneurial mind is not judged alone by how much money you currently make.

Professional athletes are some of the highest paid employees in the world and often times they are given the title “entrepreneur” when they jump into a new business venture. But they are not entrepreneurs they are highly paid athletes.

Many of their business ventures never even generate a profit because they lack the knowledge to properly start one, and the ones that are successful have had many chances to succeed due to the uncommon surplus of start-up capital and media exposure generated from being a pro athlete.

2) Just because you engage in a creative aspect outside of your daily work it doesn’t mean you are an entrepreneur.

What makes an entrepreneur an entrepreneur is a combination of creativity, innovation, business savvy, and strategic goal orientation. Everyone has had short-term aspirations that they’ve never truly attempted to materialize into generating any real level of income, some people feel that these minor experiences enable them to wear the title “entrepreneur” To be an entrepreneur one must be very focused on what they are building, with intent and a plan to grow what they are building into a business that generates revenue and profit.

The Plan

This area of entrepreneurship deserves its own section because it carries so many misconceptions. The biggest myth about a plan that most people fall into is that the plan needs to be flawlessly written with a start and a guaranteed finish culminated over years and years of study. The problem with this is that people fall prey to their own delusions when they start a business by writing out super intricate plans. This is why often times the best ideas happen through a process of either circumstance or serendipity.

[An Example of Circumstance: Today you may get out of bed and hurt your toe on a dresser, and because of that circumstance you design a plastic soft mold to attach on the end of every square edged object in your house, in doing this a light-bulb goes off in your head and you decide “I’m going to make and sell these everywhere I can”]

[ An Example of Serendipity: While designing these things you begin to notice that the material is fun to play with. Now instead of a dull boring design where your foot is protected from hitting the sharp edges of your drawer, you design a glow in the dark fun one that caters to kids, and those who walk around at night barefoot. ]

With either of these situations there is the intent to build the product/service and then sell the product/service. The best thing about finding something this way is that by default you are addressing a concern or issue that millions of people can probably relate to. Today with Social Media and Search Engines

It’s relatively easy to go online and type something to see if other people have experienced the same thing as you. More often than not, you will find that you are not alone, which will give you a boost to move forward.

Eventually businesses grow to a point where intricate planning is needed, but the first few plans that an entrepreneur has must maintain a level of simplicity that allows for the process of trial and error.

If your plan doesn’t allow for the process of immediate trial and error then it’s just too long-term.  If you have to plan for an entire year before you even start your idea, then your plan is obsolete. Entrepreneurs starting out do not sit idly by and wait for an environment to be suitable to them, they act regardless of the environment.

This world is so fast-paced and technological today that the only plans that should take a long time to develop are revolutionary world-changing plans. Just look at how fast cell phones change. A device that people previously never held in their hands.

If you’re in a classifiable field doing something that other people can be or are doing then you must be able to differentiate, execute, and act quickly. Everything has a learning curve. A long-term plan that doesn’t give way to immediate trial and error only postpones the start of that learning curve.

It’s ok to plan less and make more mistakes, you can always regain capital and resources but if you plan too much and take no action you will lose time that you can’t ever get back with the added danger of not even seeing the potential error of your planning; fast enough to make a necessary change.

People will tell you all sorts of nonsense

1) You don’t have enough money

2) You don’t have enough experience

3) You’re dreaming it’s never going to happen

You can’t let these things discourage you from cultivating your entrepreneurial goals. These critics will even wait for your inevitable mistakes and then use that against you to say “see I was right I told you so”. Being an entrepreneur is similar to riding a bike, or learning how to drive. Most people will bruise themselves a few times, but they don’t stop completely because it’s all part of the process. You have to understand that you do have the mindset but it is developed through personal training where you consistently take risks, and step out of your comfort zone a bit. It doesn’t mean that if you find something that works in business, you should jump out and take gigantic risks that could present a threat to your creation – it just means that the start-up phase is one of the roughest, toughest points on the road to financial freedom, and entrepreneurship and you only get through it by going through a phase of consistent trial and error.

Thinking Big

Entrepreneurs may start thinking small but they do not think small for long. This is not to say that every endeavor you have has to make multi-million dollar returns, but it is to say that you should at least at some point and time develop the intent, plan  and corresponding action for this to occur even if it never happens. If you start a business that is very small with no intent to achieve growth that’s not true entrepreneurship. It’s self-employment but it is not true entrepreneurship to want to remain small forever. Real entrepreneurs move with the intent to achieve as much growth as possible. If you’re currently running a business by yourself as a self-employed individual and you are not even considering the possibility of working with a team, or hiring a team you’re not an entrepreneur. The magic really happens in entrepreneurship when you begin tapping into the human element.

There is only so much a lone individual can do by themselves if you do not have it in your plans to one day employ then you do not have it in your plans to be an entrepreneur.

Have you ever seen a multi-million dollar business operated by one person alone? We haven’t either.

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Producer InDepthJayBeats Lands Movie Placement

Echilon Communications (NY)  It has been quite some time  since we spoke of producer InDepthJayBeats since then InDepthJayBeats has kept himself busy with new placements. The prolific producer recently landed his tunes on the highly anticpated Hip-Hop themed movie “You’re Nobody Til Someone Kills You”

InDepthJayBeats is Joined by other entertainment heavyweights such as:

Cyhi Da Prince, ROCCETT, Hezekiah, Talia Coles, Chico Debarge, BIONIK, Black Silver, Ice T, Jamie Sparks, Special Ed(Profile Records/Semi Records) Snoop Dogg(Capitol Records, Doggystyle), Mike Bless(Slip-N-Slide Records), Trick Daddy(Slip-N-Slide Records), Trina(Slip-N-Slide Records), Lil Jon(BME Recordings, Universal Republic Records), Twista(Get Money Gang, Capitol), Jagged Edge(Slip-N-Slide Records), Rick Ross(Maybach Music Group, Def Jam Recordings), Travis Porter(Porter House Music Group, Jive Records), Jason Szklarek, MistaJones, Dolo The Bandit, Bon Jovi, J Reezy, Enos Mandrike Peniston, Marcus Burleson, Charlie Mac, Kevin Barnes, Rashiid Cummins, Brian Monts, Andrew Anthony, Caleb Sarikey, Dominique Soundz, Jerry Harvey, Earkandi, Natural Born Killaz, Corey Drumz, Kev Hannibal, J.Nolan, Monstaz, Meek Mill(Maybach Music), Mc Lyte, Kishara Blackwell, Gille Da Kid(Koch), J.I. da Hook King(Hook Kings), Big Daddy Kane,
Wiz Gamb(MME), and Eduardo Iglesia.

We would like to congratulate IndepthJayBeats on his progress and forward movement in his production career.

InDepthJayBeats has also seen growth on Social Media Outlets like Facebook. Make sure to keep up with him.

InDepthJayBeats On Facebook

InDepthJayBets Website


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Echilon Communications Business Opportunity

Become a Self Employed Partner

You can earn income by selling our services to your own clients and
building your own list of new clientel or perhaps you already have a business
with clients and would like to increase your bottom line.


It is free to join our network and you can begin building your business
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You may need to do your own promoting, and soliciting of clients for
You may find advertising on search engines for specific
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We perform all services for you and your clients. We do not interfere in the relationship between you and your clients.

Once you begin to work with Echilon Communications you will
be given a price list to work from.

Simply contact us and request a vendor relationship to begin.

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